12 Days of Christmas 2017

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Strength & conditioning is an industry dedicated to improving the lives of anyone who is willing to commit to the process in which they are pursuing a better way to live. No matter whom the person is or the extent of their fitness goals, HeadStrong offers a safe environment to help foster those goals. No matter the reason that someone walks through the doors, Strength & conditioning is a resource to help facilitate growth in all aspects of people’s lives.  The identity and experience of the box is dependent on the experience of the owners and coaches.

Stay Fit

HeadStrong is dedicated to just that. We meet with each client and discuss their goals in detail and identify what they would like to achieve with our program. We fine tune mechanics and pinpoint dysfunction in our clients’ movement patterns. Why is this important? At the top of the list is healthcare cost. Back pain is a predominant factor for healthcare expenses. We focus on this because often times, pain is what causes people to avoid exercise, or prevents it altogether, and usually leads to emotional issues as well. We have helped people through the proper teaching of breathing and bracing along with drills and exercises to eliminate back pain. This is so important not only for the purpose of exercise, but to help them be in a healthy physical condition to pick up their children and grandchildren for the first time. It is for this life-changing reason that we dedicate our program to enhancing people’s kinesthetic awareness and guide them to living better with strength through movement.


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